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Cutting Edge Knowledge

Evidence-Based Tools & Programs to Enhance Every Area of Your Life

Improve mental performance. Reduce stress. Self-heal. Increase confidence, motivation, & productivity. Learn more about our unique products below:

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Peak Power Hypnosis

Wake up to peak performance with the most powerful solution for deep sleep & peak mental performance of its kind…

Peak Power Hypnosis is powered by Trypnosis, a pyramid structured audio technology utilizing 3 of the very best techniques for mind transformation and hypnosis that you will find.

Trypnosis puts them into one single solution for helping you reach peak performance states of mind, boosting your well-being, as well as giving you the most restful night of sleep you have ever had.

Trypnaural Meditations

This New Twist In Meditation Helps YOU reduce stress & experience the deepest relaxation in minutes using ground breaking sound and music technology.

Trypnaural is now used in many health centers, spas and retreats around the world as a proven and effective form of therapy.

It also powers many of the Peak Power Academy products.

Science Of Getting Rich Hypnosis

While it’s true that many people have read The Science of Getting Rich, or listen to it as an audio book, most people never really put his teachings into action.

Now there is a new way of learning and living The Science of Getting Rich using our signature hypnosis technology.

Free Your Life with Passion

“How To Tune Your Mind For Creating Wealth & Multiple Streams Of Low Stress Income, Based On Your Strengths Passions… So You Can Escape The Cubicle, Love What You Do & Live Anywhere.”